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abstract-art- painting-acrylic-red green- artist Mark S Thomas
 abstract art-acrylic painting-red-artist Mark S Thomas
art-abstract painting-blue-purple-by artist Mark S Thomas
Mark S. Thomas Abstract painting, acrylic on paper, Chartreuse and Ox Blood Red

"Carolyn's Fingers"

"Come a Little Closer"


“Come a Little Closer” is a small works series in which I focus on exploring color, accidental composition and the manipulation of the opaque and transparent properties of various pigments.

In this series I'm using palette knives to apply my colors and I employ a technical concept observed in the abstract work of many artists, whereby color/paint is dragged by various means over a textured surface, allowing the paint to pool in the lower recesses of the surface and conversely scrape away paint from the upper peaks and ridges. It is a process in which the previous textured layers of paint affect or even dictate the behavior of the proceeding layers.The layering process creates subtle to complex gradation and sometimes, when you look a little closer, accidental imagery is revealed through the multiple layers of pattern and color.


Acrylic on paper

I’m fascinated by how opaque color, applied in thin uneven layers can simultaneously obscure and reveal, and the way in which transparent color, thinly layered over existing color, can create subtle shifts in perceptions of the surrounding color. 


Original abstract painting on heavy, 100% cotton, lithographers paper. The paper has been gesso primed back and front for best paint adhesion and archival considerations.  The custom frame features solid wood construction, plexiglass glazing and a natural satin finish. Pre-assembled hanging hardware included. 

All small works measure

Image - 6.5" x 7"  /   Frame - 13" x 13" 1.75"

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