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 Limited Edition Giclee Prints

Black and white painting containing erratic text and a red pencil hanging on a string. By American artist Mark S. Thomas, titled "Diary of a Mad Woman"

"Diary of a Madwoman"

Painted collage in red, black and cream colors by American artist Mark Stephen Thomas, titled "47 Miles on a Desert Road"

"47 Miles on a Desert road"

Painted collage on paper by American artist Mark S. Thomas, titled "Zen Garden"

"Zen Garden"

These works were originally created with wet media papers that I painted with Sumi inks and acrylic paints and then cut into collage. Now available as limited edition Giclee prints on 100% cotton rag, fine art papers. All prints are signed, numbered and shipped With a Certificate of Authenticity.

Black, white and grey acrylic painting with a floating numeral 8.

"Eight Times Around The Sun"

Black, cream white and red acrylic painting by artist Mark S. Thomas titled "A Devils Tale".

"A Devil's Tale"

"Methuselahs Dreams" abstract painted collage in black and white colors, by California artist Mark S. Thomas.

"Methuselahs Dreams"

Influenced by Japanese Minimalist art with an emphasis on simplicity, spontaneity and the use of minimal color. “Zen Gardening” is an ongoing series of mixed media works that allow me to explore texture and form, with a nod to the curiosities of imperfection and by philosophical extension, the contemplation of the ways in which imperfections contribute to the complexity of artistic aesthetics. 


All original works employ India and Sumi inks, which provide beautiful semi-transparent washes, rendering a broad range of nuanced gradations in pale grays to rich velvety blacks and contrasted with bold acrylic Pyrole reds.

Painted collage of a floating astral body in colors of black/greys, white and reds by artist Mark S. Thomas
Golden tans, greys , black and red colors in this acrylic painting by Mark S. Thomas Titled "Lifesaver Number Eight"

"LifeSaver Number Eight"

Abstract painted collage in red, white and black colors by American artist Mark S. Thomas, titled "Moth to a Flame".

"Moth to a Flame"

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