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 Welcome to my studio

I have lived and worked at the Boise Cascade studios in Oakland, California for 17 years now. It's been a remarkably flexible space and has seen me through many changes and creative phases in my life. I share the space with my musician/composer/performer partner, Johannes Mager. Johannes and I have been together for thirty nine years and were often asked how we've stayed together so long? The answer is, space and lots of it! We have both enjoyed living and working here at the Boise, unfortunately the neighborhood is another matter all together, as many of you are aware, great studios are often found in rough and sketchy neighborhoods, so I think of my studio as my creative oasis.

art studio interiors of contemporary abstract artist Mark S Thomas jpeg
art studio interior photo of artist Mark S Thomas
Bay area artist Mark S Thomas in his studio painting
IMG_8704.jpg Bay area abstract painter Mark S. Thomas working in his Oakland Ca. studio.  studio
IMG_8556.jpg Acrylic on paper painting by Bay area abstract artist Mark S. Thomas.

Building a ventilated studio spray booth.

Building cradled Birch wood painting panels.

IMG_6211.jpg Artist Mark S. Thomas building cradled Birch wood painting panels.

 Painting old Shoji panels to construct an in studio photo wall for relative scale comparison.

IMG_9274.jpg Artist Mark S. Thomas refirbishing old Shoji panels to construct an in studio photo vignette.
IMG_9277.jpg Artist Mark S. Thomas painting old Shoji panels to construct an in studio photo vignette.

I love abstract expressionist art

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