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 Fiber Art portfolio

Trained in apparel design and pattern making at FIDM and Los Angeles Trade Tech., Mark spent 30 years creating apparel with his hand painted silks and velvets for the Artwear market.  He specialized in Shibori, hand burned velvet Devore’ and block printing. His minimalist design approach was heavily influenced by Japanese art and design. Additional examples of his past textile and apparel designs can be found in the following publications.

"It's appeal is in the details.....patterns of light and shadow, streaks and stipples reminiscent of a secret forrest glade or a pool still as mirror glass. Mark Thomas dyes and paints sumptuous velvet...... a material that whispers of elegance and deep black and luscious colors. He stitches it into clothing that is all draped straight lines and simplicity"                                                                            

Chiori Santiago for Ornament Magazine

American Craft Council  Show - Baltimore 

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