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About the Artist

I began my professional creative life in fashion design after training at F.I.D.M. and Los Angeles Trade Tech. I was lucky enough right out of school to land a brief stint working for an oscar winning Hollywood costume designer as a design assistant. It was really just a glorified gopher gig, but it was a fascinating experience that encouraged me to change course and pursue a career in Artwear apparel.


For over 30 years, I enjoyed creating hand painted silk and velvet apparel for the women’s high end Artwear market. My interest in painting began in the late eighties when I decided to teach myself how to paint on textiles. A task easier said then done, but I naively forged ahead and quickly found myself painting textile lines for other Bay Area apparel designers, and later for my own clothing line. Eventually I started to realize that my greater interest was in painting, and after completing a large scale textile art installation for a new California arts center, I decided it was time to leave commercial design and become a contemporary abstract painter.  


For me, making art has always been a comforting distraction from the frustrations and anxieties that we all have to deal with in our daily lives. Art has provided focus, routine and purpose throughout my entire life, and offers me a sense of balance and serenity. When I’m making art, I can push the crazy aside and enter a zone where time melts away and I can make it through another day with my so called sanity intact.

Mark S. Thomas acrylic painting on panel "Scattered" 47.5"x47.5"
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