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“Head in a cloud “ is an abstract acrylic painting that features a complex interplay of colors and textures. Dominant colors include orange, iron oxide reds, grey, black, and pale greens, which combine to create a dynamic and visually impactful composition. This artwork conveys movement and depth through the varied application of paint, with certain areas appearing thicker and others thinner, suggesting a sense of fluidity or melting that adds to its abstract nature.

"Head in a Cloud"

  • Limited Edition Giclée Prints


    All of my fine art prints are created using high quality pigment based inks and are printed on acid free, 100% cotton rag fine art papers. Giclée prints are the best high quality option modern technology has to offer for digitally reproducing artwork. They are printed with professional, large-format inkjet printers that contain 8 to 12 color ink cartridges. The increased number of ink cartridges produces prints with a richer, more sophisticated color range and finer gradations than standard printers can produce.


    To help insure a long life for your Giclée paper prints they should be framed and matted under glass using acid free archival materials. Prints and fine art in general should not be placed in locations that receive sustained direct sunlight. Giclée prints, when properly cared for, are designed to be fully archival and resist aging for hundreds of years, promising you a life time of enjoyment.


    100% cotton rag fine art paper

    Signed and Numbered 1-50

    Certificate of Authenticity 

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