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Limited Edition Giclee Prints

“Collaborating With Chaos” is a series of contemporary abstract acrylic paintings on paper, canvas or birch wood panel. The works are created with the use of several unconventional painting tools including combs and rolling pins, which I use to create layers of random pattern, which in turn forces me to respond to chance and adapt to unexpected change. I like to allow the paint and random pattern to prompt and propel me through out the compositional development of my work, intermingling chance and deliberate mark-making sporadically throughout the process. I’m always searching for a balance between spontaneity and careful editing in an effort to replicate the variability of repetition found within natural and biological patterns in nature.


                I like using unconventional painting tools in an effort to embrace the unexpected, and to strip myself of any notion of complete control over my work. For me, the most enjoyable part of being an artist is about the perpetual pursuit of the creative unknown. I’m always happiest when I’m experimenting and exploring in search of something I haven’t seen before.

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